Britain’s Top 10 Summer Sounds

OAs we move into ‘summer’ hardy Brits are out enjoying the great outdoors. At this time of year local authority noise patrols are kept busy as windows open, the outdoor event and festival season gets going and neglected gardens are transformed into outdoor rooms.

However, summer sound isn’t all bad –  – we found this survey from  summer 2008 that asked 2,500 people to name their favourite summer sounds – and here ‘s the top ten:

1. Lawnmower cutting grass

2. Pub garden chatter/laughter

3. Waves breaking on a beach

4. Cricket ball hitting a bat

5. People playing tennis

6. Drinks being poured over ice

7. Seagulls cawing

8. Pigeons cooing

9. Clinking glass

10. Rain

So, while getting the petrol strimmer out at 8 am on Sunday or when the neighbours’ kids are in bed is likely to niggle neighbours, for many cutting the grass was found an evocative summer sound. While rowdy revellers shouting their way down the street is disturbing for many, the laughter and chatter from a pub garden was found to be liked. And, it seems, we don’t mind the rain either! We are also heartened to see seagulls in there – although in some towns and cities they are a source of complaints.

As with all sounds, if some of these are too loud, go on for too long late at night or early morning – they can become annoying noise. So, if you do transform your garden into an outdoor room for summer entertaining, remember that neighbours can hear your clinking glasses – and your conversation – so keep it considerate.

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