Take part

Noise is a serious problem – however raising awareness of noise can be fun. Communities, organisations and individuals can take part in Noise Action Week to tackle the causes of noise and help reduce the health and social impacts of noise.

Our events pages give examples of work undertaken for previous Noise Action Weeks and events planned for NAW 2017 will be added as we hear about them.

Local authorities, mediation services, housing associations, community groups, consultancies – anyone concerned about noise or involved in noise management – can use Noise Action Week to promote solutions to noise problems. It is also an opportunity to show noise makers and noise sufferers simple ways to live in harmony.

  • Local Authorities and Mediation Services – If you are a local authority or mediation service, Noise Action Week can raise the profile of your work in the short term, and in the longer term contribute to education and awareness raising and work towards managing future problems.
  • Housing Providers – Raising awareness of the impact of household noise on neighbours can help build better relationships between within communities. Informing tenants about remedies for noise problems and penalties for problem noise can help keep harmony.
  • Landlords – noisy tenants can cause a headache for landlords as well as neighbours so making sure tenants know how to keep the noise down is in everyone’s interest
  • Students – many towns and cities are enlivened by students. A vibrant population doesn’t have to be a disruptive one. Universities can use Noise Action Week to encourage students to be good neighbours.
  • Schools – Education on noise can contribute to general education on citizenship and health. Awareness of noise issues within schools and colleges and how it impacts on study can help get the message across.
  • Noise Experts – For noise experts and acousticians, helping with noise promotions by demonstrating monitoring or loaning equipment can support communities in combating noise – and raise the profile of your work.
  • Individuals – Get involved by joining in with any initiatives in your area. If there aren’t any, encourage your local authority or housing provider to take part, or organize your own, spreading the word about Noise Action Week to your friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Whether you plan a full on week of activities raising awareness of noise problems or solutions or a single promotion get in touch for information and advice and to let us know what you’re planning.

We are working to raise funds to support NAW 2017 – if you can help please get in touch – noiseactionweek@susspace.org.uk