Our theme for this year is:

Keeping the peace as we ease out of lockdowns
As lockdown restrictions ease, Noise Action Week 2021 provides a timely reminder for us all to consider our neighbours when carrying out noisy activities – whether its meeting family and friends in a garden or park, enjoying a catch up outside a pub or cafe, or DIY and building works.

  • Neighbourhood Noise

With many people working at home during lock down, its more important than ever to be considerate of those who live nearby – and those we live with – whether socialising or carrying out noisy jobs.

  • Leisure noise

As hospitality opens and pavement pubs are for now the norm, some planning restrictions are being relaxed to allow more outdoor events and entertainment – its an opportunity to remind businesses and event organisers to be aware of any noise impacts of their activities.

  • Planning a peaceful green recovery

During lockdowns, many have valued the tranquility of quiet green spaces, access to nature and natural sounds. Noise Action Week is an opportunity to highlight the value of these spaces, and the need to protect them from intrusive noise.


Noise pollution is second only to air pollution in the extent of damage it causes to public health. Noise also has a huge impact on our quality of life – from keeping us awake to disrupting daily activity. In her report on pollution and health published in March 2018, the then Chief Medical Officer for England  said:

“Pollution is like junk food – it doesn’t hit you on the day but it can accumulate and do you harm. Noise (and light) both impact on sleep affecting performance and mental health. Noise in particular is the single largest cause of complaints to local authorities.”

The National Noise Attitude Survey published in  2014 showed that people were more bothered by noise ten years ago. Noise Action Week gives local councils, housing providers, mediation services and anyone else on the front line of noise complaints and opportunity to raise awareness of the effects of excessive noise, the informal practical measures and regulations that can reduce its impact.