Support Noise Action Week

Noise is a persistent problem in neighbourhoods and many noise problems can easily be avoided.  Recent research findings demonstrate there are more reasons than ever to support Noise Action Week:

  • The Chief Medical Officer for England acknowledges noise pollution is second only to air pollution in the extent of damage it causes to public health. She also says noise is very likely the pollutant that has the greatest impact on our quality of life.
  • Nearly half the people surveyed in the Defra Noise Attitude Survey (NAS) 2012  (published 2015)  said their home life is spoilt by noise to some extent
  • In the same survey one in five people asked reported their sleep is disturbed by noise
  • Also NAS 2012 found noise has leapt to fourth place (from ninth) in a table of local environmental concerns (making it a bigger local worry than air pollution)
  • Other Defra research found it costs a local authority between £130 and £7000 to investigate a noise complaint – so education work to prevent noise problems can be cost effective
  • Some businesses are campaigning for a change in the law that could reduce peoples’ protection from noise – the music industry are calling for an ‘Agent of change’ principle to be put in place – which would mean anyone moving near a noisy business would not be able to complain about disturbance.

Please donate what you can to help us inform  and educate people about reducing unhealthy and disturbing noise.

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