For Noise Action Week 2018:

CityWest Homes will be promoting their ‘Dear Neighbour’ cards

Tranquil City are encouraging Londoners to add their quiet and clean spaces to their Tranquil Pavement London map.

Let us know what you are planning for Noise Action Week 2018

In previous years some great work has been undertaken to promote Noise Action Week that can give you ideas for tackling noise in your area:

Previous London activities for NAW have included:

Barking and Dagenham – The Noise Nuisance team offered information and advice on the best way to tackle noise, visiting Officers Dagenham Library and Barking Learning Centre.

Network Rail –  Crossrail programme:   produced campaign poster shared with each construction project across Crossrail promoting Noise Action Week, and asking the projects to continue in minimising  construction noise to lessen the impacts on lineside neighbours.

Enfield LB – setting out service provision
In north London, Enfield noise officers will be held noise awareness days at supermarkets. Also noise officers have attended the borough’s pub watch meeting to remind licensees about their responsibilities during Euro 2012.

Harrow LB – highlighting noisy animals
The borough of Harrow has focused on nuisance noise from animals, with the council information trailer with team members in disguise as animals to draw attention to the problem. Other noise nuisance has been highlighted with press promotion including photographs of seized equipment being crushed.