South East

For Noise Action Week 2018:

CHP Housing in Essex are raising awreness of noise through their social media channels.

Project DeStress is encouraging people in Sheffield to identify open spaces where they go for quiet and calm to support research into developing healthy urban soundscapes

Let us know what you’re planning for Noise Action Week 2018 in the South East:

In previous years some great work has been undertaken to promote Noise Action Week that can give you ideas for tackling noise in your area including:

CHP Housing
Essex housing provider CHP Quality of Life team offered residents advice and support on noise problems.

North Hertfordshire DC
Set up a town centre stall. The aim was to create awareness on how loud things have to be before they damage hearing, the Noise App, the noise equipment the district council use and to answer any questions.

Uttlesford DC
Are contacting all primary schools in the area encouraging them to raise awareness of noise induced hearing loss in particular from headphone use.They will also provide online information.

West Sussex Mediation  promote the use of mediation in resolving noise disputes – raising their profile with local news media