Noise Action Week 2016: May 23rd to 28th



For healthier communities and neighbourhoods support Noise Action Week 2016

Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK to support all groups, agencies and services involved in reducing the cost of noise to our health and quality of life. We work to raise awareness of noise problems and the solutions available through individual actions and community services.  This week environmental health, antisocial behaviour professionals, housing providers, mediation services, community police and other professional and voluntary groups are working in communities encouraging everyone to respect their neighbours and to tolerate reasonable everyday noise.

Working to reduce problem noise this week are:

  • Chelmsford CC have mapped noise hotspots enabling public health professionals to advise residents in those areas on noise services
  • Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan joint regulatory services are raising awareness of dog barking
  • Ashram Moseley, a West Midlands housing provider, will be talking to residents and offering information on noise problems.
  • Nottingham City Homes will be talking to tennants about noise
  • Sedgemoor District Council are talking about noise on local radio and will be out and about in Bridgewater working to cut the cost of noise problems

Remember investigating noise complaints costs councils £130 – £7k per complaint – this is not just a cost to the council – those affected by noise need to provide evidence to support investigations as well as suffering the impacts, so there is a cost within communities too.  Let us know what you’re doing to tackle noise and we’ll promote your work.

We promote and co-ordinate Noise Action Week on a tiny budget and any support you can offer is very welcome.

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Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK  who work year round supporting the work of professionals in noise management.