Noise Action Week 19th – 24th May 2014

Noise Action Week 2014  provides an opportunity for everyone concerned with noise to raise awareness of the impact noise has on our health and well being.

Research has found that noise is important to our happiness at home,  that most neighbourhood complaints to local authorities are about noise (and that doesn’t include complaints direct to neighbours or housing providers), and that half a million people moved home in a year because of noise.

While noise is sound that disturbs, irritates or annoys us – some sounds can make us feel better – like our favourite music, natural sounds like birdsong or the seashore.

Understanding the impact noise has on our health is important – alongside learning that a healthy noise environment – a positive soundscape – can make us happier and help improve health.

Noise Action Week gives a focus for local authority noise teams, housing providers, mediation services, health professionals and businesses concerned with reducing the impact of noise to raise awareness of noise reduction solutions – which are often very simple.

Here  you will find information on reducing noise at home, noise laws, ideas for taking part in Noise Action Week 2014 and events that we know about so far and our Noise Blog which invites specialists in noise to sound off on the importance of noise in our homes and wider environment.

If you want to keep in touch with Noise Action Week, offer ideas, support or can help us fund NAW 2014 get in touch  at: noiseactionweek@environmental-protection.org.uk

Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK who work year round supporting the work of professionals in noise management.