Noise Action Week


Noise Action Week 

Noise Action Week raises the profile of unhealthy noise, simple solutions to avoid noise problems and the professionals trained to manage noise.

For over 20 years EPUK has co-ordinated an annual initiative to raise the profile of unhealthy noise and the impact it has on our physical and mental health. The week is usually in the third week of May as the weather warms up and noise complaints increase. It remains important as the impacts of noise pollution are frequently forgotten – for NAW 2021 concerns raised include:

  • The work of environmental health professionals (EHPs) on the front line tackling noise in our neighbourhoods needs more support
  • Currently 19% of EHPs – roughly 664 – specialise in environmental protection (noise and air pollution) – that’s 1 – 2 specialist EHPs per local authority in England.

Many enjoyed the quiet during lockdowns – with social life returning – largely outdoors, while we don’t want to spoil the fun, we want everyone to be aware of the potential disrption too much noise can cause:

  • With many still spending more time at home, working and studying research found noise complaints rose in London in 2020 lockdown
  • Investigating noise complaints costs cash strapped councils £130 – £7k per complaint
  • Noise harms our health – in 2019 the Chief Medical Officer likened it to junk food – while we might enjoy some loud sound – repeated exposure will harm our health.
  • Noise disrupts our natural environment – disturbing birds and wildlife, and we need to preserve the natural soundscapes that sooth our mental health.

We’re reminding everyone to be aware of when and where you are making noise – to keep the peace with neighbours.

We need your support planning Noise Action Week 2022 – so get in touch EPUK logo
Noise Action Week is funded and co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK  who work year round supporting the work of professionals in noise management.

We are looking for sponsors to  make Noise Action Week bigger and better next year,  so please get in touch if you can help.