Noise nuisance or traditional sound; the silencing of Wrington clock

As Noise Action Week approaches – a contribution to the debate as to when sound becomes noise, and the appropriate application of nuisance law has arisen in a Somerset village. Here the church clock has been silenced by a nuisance order, following complaint from new residents in the village – while established residents are reported to consider the chimes a part of village life. This is not the first time that a case has shown […]


International Noise Awareness Day, How aware are we?

April 25th is International Noise Awareness Day – an event conceived 17 years ago, to combat the impact of noise on hearing and health. The evidence for the impact of noise on health now goes way beyond hearng damage from extreme noise events. Equally evidence of the cost of noise to society is growing – whether it be damage to hearing from listening to music too loud for too long, or the more insidious impact […]


Raising awareness to reduce complaints

Noise problems continue to keep local authority services busy – and most noise problems are avoidable. It has long been recognised that better education on noise and its impacts is important, alongside regulation to manage noise. As far back as the 1963 report of the Committee on the Problem of Noise , it was recognised that ‘as living standards rise, people are less inclined to tolerate noise’. Surveys over the past 20 years have reinforced […]


Noise Action Week 2012

  We are pleased to annouce that next year’s Noise Action Week will take place on 21-25th May. Noise Action Week 2011 was a great success, with local authorities and other organisations around the UK putting imagination and hard work into engaging their communities to raise awareness of noise. As well as widespread and worthwhile participation from local authorities and housing providers, a number of partnerships were formed, for example with police and mediation services […]