Bikers encouraged to Ride Quiet

South Glos mini motoMotor cycles often cause anti social noise problems – especially when exhausts are tampered with to achieve powerful sounding noise. The International  Motorcycle Federation is recognising the need for motor cycle sport enthusiasts to keep the noise down and avoid annoyance to neighbours. They have produced a Ride Quiet campaign and are encouraging their networks to promote quieter riding, saying:

“Very often, the sound produced by motorcycle activities can become a nuisance to people living nearby. This can lead to protest actions and eventually the closing of a circuit that has been there for many years. To avoid this, we need to ensure that our sport does not antagonise the local community!”

Good to see an industry taking responsibility for the noise it produces.  For anyone tackling noise from motor cycle enthusiasts for this years’ Noise Action Week – their YouTube film is a useful resource. With thanks to Noise Bulletin for flagging this up for us.

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