Neighbourhoods braced for post exam parties

Neighbourhoods around the country in university and college areas are relishing quiet time while students – from school kids to undergraduates – study for exams. However, anyone who lives near student housing knows that the peace could soon be shattered. Once exams are over its rightly time to relax – however noisy all night parties aren’t generally welcomed by neighbours – who may have young children, teenagers still studying, older people or those with health conditions – and those who have to get up for work in the morning. Noise Action Week is ideally timed to remind students to consider when, where and how they celebrate.

Here’s a reminder of our ten tips for avoiding party noise annoyance:

  1. If you want to enjoy loud music – go to a gig or club night
  2. If you really must have a house party, consider your neighbours – do they have small children, get up early to work – adapt your party plan to avoid disturbance – and stick to it
  3. Let your neighbours know you’re planning a party a few days in advance.
  4. Have your party at weekend when neighbours are less likely to be getting up early for work/school and will be more tolerant – if anyone complains – turn it down.
  5. Keep music to a reasonable volume – if your celebration continues into the early hours, turn the music right down
  6. Turn the bass down – even with windows and doors shut bass travels through walls
  7. Impromptu party after clubbing? Keep music down and keep conversations indoors
  8. If anyone complains – be polite and turn it down. Being woken by noise can be very upsetting – think how would you feel if someone stops you from sleeping.
  9. Leave recycling your bottles and cans until the morning to avoid clanking glass and cans
  10. Many areas have night noise patrols, so if you do disturb your neighbours you may be reported. You could even face a noise abatement notice, fine or have your equipment confiscated.

Find more on noise laws here

  1. Fancy turning it up to 11? Don’t. Overdoing noise exposure will harm your hearing –musicians including Eric Clapton, Ozzy Osborne, Neil Young. and Grimes are just some who have damaged their hearing.

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