Manifestos mostly quiet on noise

Better late than never – we’ve had a quick look to see what the political parties promise on noise in their manifestos – and its mostly a bit quiet. Here’s a summary of what they say:

  • Conservatives – specifically mention noise saying better noise barriers will be a part of their planned improved road network. They also promise a programme of pocket parks to provide respite from city streets.
  • Labour – offer to replace low level cautions for anti social behaviour with payback orders, they also pledge more support for neighbourhood policing.
  • Lib Dems – don’t mention noise – but do score a point for illustrating their community section with a peaceful picture of leaves being raked – no sign of a nasty leaf blower. They also promise quieter transport in the form of electric vehicles, cycling and walking and protection of green space.
  •  UKIP -on transport UKIP pledge support for the freight industry.  On planning, they want to remove planning restrictions on change of use from commercial to residential use while promising to merge planning and building control functions in local councils, and give local people the final say on major developments through a compulsory referendum. The only party to mention neighbours – they will “adopt a zero tolerance approach to anti social behaviour and crack down on nuisance and noisy neighbours.”
  • Green Party – commit to local access to green space for all. They also favour low impact transport – to reduce air pollutants and improve health (this would also reduce transport noise although they don’t mention it) prioritising cycling, walking and public transport.
  • SNP – nothing specific relating to noise. Support for policing is pledged (in Scotland police have powers to deal with noise unlike the rest of the UK).
  • Plaid Cymru – again, nothing specific however they plan to invest in green transport and re-examine the planning system.

…. and as for noise at the Polling Station – there is no ban on listening to your personal stereo while voting… as long as you don’t disturb anyone else!

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