East Midlands

For Noise Action Week 2018:

Broxtowe Mediation will be raising awareness of noise impacts to their clients

Nottingham City Council are visiting Nottingham University Portland building on Monday 21st May and on Thursday 24ththe Student’s Union at Nottingham Trent University.  At both events Environmental Health Officers will be testing noise in people’s headphones and offering advice and promotional materials to students and staff, sharing messages about noise related issues from nuisance through to occupational exposure.

Let us know what you’re planning for Noise Action Weeek 2018

In previous years some great work has been undertaken to promote Noise Action Week that can give you ideas for tackling noise in your area.

East Midlands events have included:

In Nottingham community protection teams will be working to tackle noise problems

Councils across Leicestershire have run a successful poster campaign raising awareness of neighbour noise .

Hinckley and Bosworth BC raised the profile of their partnership approach to tackling neighbour noise.

University of Nottingham invited students to find out how headphones are damaging their hearing.

Ipswich BC

  • held noise awareness assemblies in local primary schools
  • Friday night Silent Disco for 11 – 14 year olds
  • A noise themed Saturday fun day including noise advice, hearing care advice and dog chipping


 North Norfolk DC  used a regional saying  – “ssssshhh – be you quiet” – as their theme for Noise Action Week 0 they:

  • Talked to shoppers in Sainsbury’s in North Walsham on Wednesday 21 May – ‘how to be a good neighbour’. A member of staff dressed up as a dog to highlight barking dogs noise, which generates the largest number of noise complaints for NNDC
  • Encouraged residents to share their favourite quiet spot in north Norfolk (social media)
  • Had a ‘mobile phones on silent’ day in an otherwise noisy office environment for staff
  • Poster campaign to encapsulate 5 themes for each day of the week, shared with partners including local housing association and Police