Entry to a noise action week poster competition for childrenOn these pages we list some inspiring Noise Action Week events – the ones that organisers told us about. We know from press overage and Twitter feeds that more takes place – and encourage everyone taking part to let us know about activity – so that we can help with promotions – and measure the impact of the week.

On our regional events  pages you will see some of the inspiring work carried out by Noise Action Week supporters – ranging from visits to tenants to commuinty events and online awareness raising. Below are just a few examples of activity from previous years that we hope will encourage you take take part in raising awareness of anti social noise problems and solutions for this years’ Noise Action Week – May 22nd – 28th.

  • London’s oldest social housing provider promoted their guidance on noise
  • Testing of students’ listening habits at University of Nottingham found 30% listening to music that could harm their hearing
  • West Midlands Mosley and District housing encouraging  tenants to sign a good neighbour pledge
  • Wiltshire Council held an interactive workshop showing the damage MP3 players can do to hearing
  • Nottingham CC and partners asked students to consider neighbours as they celebrated the end of term

See our regional listings for more. If you’re raising awareness of noise problems for Noise Action Week 2017 let us know what you’re planning as soon as you can – and we can help you promote your work –