Turning_down_the_stereo_in-LeedsNoise Action Week resources are dependent on funding and funds are currently rather small – however we can provide you with information and some materials to help you raise awareness of noise issues:

If you’re promoting Noise Action Week and would like copies of the leaflet, 100 copies are available to support your promotion.
Email and let us know what you are planning.
Additional copies are available from EPUK at £16.50/100 inclusive of postage

  • Noise Action Week logo – Email us and let us know what you are planning if you would like a copy of the  to create your own resources at:

  • Sounding out Schools

Use our schools_five_fun_noise_activities or come up with your own ideas for teaching out the health and social importance of considering noise, and the science of sound and noise.

We also have some colouring sheets of common neighbour noises for you to print off and use in the classroom and in awareness raising work:


decibel chart colourSee our decibel chart to give an idea of the relative loudness of common sounds:


decibel colour NAW

Salford Acoustics have some science based activities on sound here.


Promoting Noise Action Week work
We are working to raise awareness of noise issues through the EPUK noise committee, on Twitter and through our press work. We can promote your work too so let us know what you are planning.

  • To help you get started promoting your work we’ve drafted Noise-Action-Week-2018-Pro-forma-press-release
  • Check our events pages which are updated as we are made aware of activities and list some previous NAW events to give you ideas for promotional work.
  • Follow us on Twitter  @NoiseActionWeek for updates on noise issues

Noise problems
We have information on dealing with noise problems here

Keep in touch

Let us know what you are planning and get in touch for any more information –