Noise Action Week Activities


As we can’t be certain about Covid-19 related restrictions in place at the time of Noise Action Week, we’re advising caution around engaging in activity in the community activity. However you can still reach out to residents and tenants using your communications channels.

Talk about noise problems

For working with residents and tenants РRegular communications like newsletters, blog posts, noticeboards or leaflets  Рcan all be used to raise the profile of noise issues. For example, online surveys or competitions with a noise theme are a way to engage people in thinking about solutions to noise problems.

For working with business
Talking to businesses – especially where there are currently allowances around extended opening hours, delivery times, or increased capacity to operate outdoors – to ensure they are mindful of neighbours and manage their working practice to minimise noise disturbance.

A public display is another way of raising awareness about noise issues. Ideally in a location where there is high footfall.

In schools talking about noise can be part of science and social education. Simple activities like asking about favourite noises, and most disliked noises, a poster or poetry competition, guessing and measuring the relative loudness of common sounds – can all help kids to understand more about noise and sound.

Press profile

Social media – using your social channels and website to raise the profile of a responsible attitude to noise during Noise Action Week will help spread the word.

Local press – noise makes a great news story. Let your local paper know about Noise Action Week, and any issues that need addressing locally – and they might do the work for you. A press release is a low cost way to get noise in the news – including numbers of noise complaints dealt with, any recent cases or any specific issues.

Radio phone ins – If you don’t have time to set up any activity – offer to do an interview or phone in on your local radio station – noise is always a popular subject with plenty of people bothered by noise and looking for advice.

If you want further advice on coordinating a Noise Action Week activity, get in touch and we can advise –