Noise Action Week Activities

noise-action-week-winners-lauren-o-donnell-age-11-and-mickey-mccoy-age-9-with-their-winning-posters-163302271Once you have decided on your  theme, think about the Noise Action Week activities that will get your message across most effectively.  This will of course depend people, time and money available.

Talk about noise problems

The most effective way to reach people is to get out and talk to them. Whether you choose a public display or information stand, or use a mobile trailer or bus, visiting shopping centres, housing estates, town centres and schools enables you to talk to people directly about noise that bothers them and how to deal with it. It is also a great opportunity to get direct input from communities and gauge attitudes and expectations of noise in the area.

Displays – Public displays are a great way of raising awareness about noise issues. Choose a location where you will get a lot of footfall, such as a supermarket or shopping centre. When setting up a display, make sure it is eye catching and has your message clearly displayed. Involve the public by running an opinion poll, testing the volume of personal music players; colouring competition for kids; organising a prize draw…..

Dress to impress – Dressing up is not only fun, it is guaranteed to draw attention to your campaign.  For example, in 2008, the London Borough of Southwark’s Creative Design team dressed up as in giant foam ear costumes and invited the public to sign pledges to reduce their noise. The campaign was so successful that the Mighty Ears have visited various sites since to spread the message about keeping the noise down.

Going mobile – Hiring a mobile van or advertising trailer will allow you to spread your message further afield. Why not join forces with other organisations and take a partnership approach to engaging local communities.

Radio phone ins – If you don’t have time to get out – offer to do a phone in on your local radio station – noise is always a popular subject with plenty of people looking for advice.

Press profile – noise makes a great news story. Let your local paper know about Noise Action Week, and any issues that need addressing locally – and they might do the work for you. A press release is a low cost way to get noise in the news – and numbers of noise complaints dealt with always gets interest.

If you want further advice on coordinating a Noise Action Week activity, get in touch and we can advise –