West Midlands

If you’re planning to raise awareness of noise issues during Noise Action Week 2016 let us know:

Noise Action Week in the West midlands 2016:

Ashram Moseley housing in the West Midlands will be offering general advice on noise nuisance, handing out information sheets and asking residents what noise they experience in their neighbourhoods and homes.

In Nottingham partners involved in anti social behaviour and noise will be raising awareness of noise issues on all fronts – including:

  • Nottingham City Homes are planning an information campaign to raise awareness of procedures for investigating noise, tips and advice  in relation to noisy neighbour issues.  They will also be doing internal refresher work with their Housing Patch Managers about the tools available to them to assist tenants with noise issues.
  • Nottingham City Councils ASB Team and Community Protection Officers will be tweeting useful contact info, links to advice on tackling noise and being a good neighbour.  They will also be tweeting about any enforcement action they take that week.
  • Environmental Health & Safer Places will be continuing their tweets about the exposure levels to music that people have from personal music devices and also about after pub/club parties at home.  We will also be doing a licensed premises check on Friday the 27th of May, carrying out an informal check on levels of music being played in pubs and clubs in the city area and possible breakout of music that may be a nuisance.

Noise Action Week events in the West Midlands in 2015 included:

Stafford BC –  have prepared a guide for licensee’s on controlling noise from licensed premises. Officers will also be attending all pub watch meetings throughout the month of May in order to get the message across to the licensed trade. “Look after your neighbours and your neighbours will look after you.”