West Midlands

Let us know what you’re planning for  Noise Action Week 2017:

Accord Group housing visited sites across the West Midlands, speaking to residents and giving practical and useful advice on noise and how to take steps to stop unreasonable levels of noise. They also sent information to local schools to use where appropriate to get children thinking about noise and how it can affect others.

Dudley MBC anti social behaviour team  promoted their service and solutions to noise problems

For previous Noise Action Weeks:

Ashram Moseley housing in the West Midlands will be offered advice on noise nuisance, handing out information sheets and asking residents what noise they experience in their neighbourhoods and homes.

Stafford BC –  prepared a guide for licensee’s on controlling noise from licensed premises. Officers will also be attending all pub watch meetings throughout the month of May in order to get the message across to the licensed trade. “Look after your neighbours and your neighbours will look after you.”