Let us know what you’re planning for Noise Action Week 2021 in Wales.

Organisations across Wales have used previous Noise Action Weeks to have a quiet word in the following ways:
Camarthenshire CC  – with dog barking is the loudest source of noise  dog wardens visited popular dog walking locations advising owners how to pacify their pets and keep the noise down.
Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan – Shared Regulatory Services  worked in partnership with dog wardens to highlight barking dog complaints and tips for dealing with barking dogs.
Cardiff  City Council student liason officer issued advice to students on avoiding causing a noise nuisance at end of exam party time.
Pembrokeshire County Council worked with residents to reduce nuisance barking and spoke to businesses to ensure venues can survive and thrive without disturbing neighbours.
Monmouth Housing handed out advice on good neighbour relations with a community stand.