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Five noise books for a quiet bank holiday read

Noise  – Read all about it With a long Bank Holiday weekend ahead what better than a quiet read? Over the last few years a wealth of books have been published on aspects of noise and sound.  Sound is important in everything we do – we need it for information, enjoy (or are sometimes annoyed by) natural sounds like the waves and birdsong, and it is an essential part of entertainment and fun. However, the […]


Equity, ethics and public good – why we need noise regulation

Din from gyms, bars and brothels is nothing new – author and broadcaster David Hendy considers how the impact on society of global and historical soundscapes must inform our management of neighbourhood noise in today’s complex, crowded cities. A year ago, while recording my BBC Radio 4 series, I found myself at a busy road junction in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.  I could barely hear myself think, surrounded as I was by a […]