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Party manifestos quiet on noise

While noise impacts everyone in their daily (and nightly) lives, and is increasingly linked to poor heatlh, it is rarely a  matter for national concern. However noise concerns fill the inboxes of local councillors and sometimes MPs. Planning, transport, community policing, licensing, green space and neighbourhood policies all impact on our noise environment. We’ve taken a quick look at the Consevative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos to identify any implications for future noise environment in […]


Manifestos mostly quiet on noise

Better late than never – we’ve had a quick look to see what the political parties promise on noise in their manifestos – and its mostly a bit quiet. Here’s a summary of what they say: Conservatives – specifically mention noise saying better noise barriers will be a part of their planned improved road network. They also promise a programme of pocket parks to provide respite from city streets. Labour – offer to replace low […]