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Noise and Human Rights Regulation

Noise as a human rights issue often hits headlines – most recently in Copenhagen where residents won a case against construction work blighting their homes. Acoustic consultant and blogger on noise issues, Gwyn Mapp of Amledd, examines the evolution of human rights regulation and how this can be applied in noise cases. The topic of human rights receives a lot of negative coverage from some elements of the British press. This coverage has led to […]


Equity, ethics and public good – why we need noise regulation

Din from gyms, bars and brothels is nothing new – author and broadcaster David Hendy considers how the impact on society of global and historical soundscapes must inform our management of neighbourhood noise in today’s complex, crowded cities. A year ago, while recording my BBC Radio 4 series, I found myself at a busy road junction in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.  I could barely hear myself think, surrounded as I was by a […]