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Reducing the noise impact of outdoor socialising

We look at how we can keep the sounds of summer fun at a reasonable volume as we ease out of lockdown. Much of our socialising is still outdoors and this means more noise outside. This noise can be disturbing and annoying for people who live and work near venues and events. Restrictions during the last year meant changes to the way we enjoy food, drink and events. Our social lives largely moved outside to […]


Community Protection Officers Keeping the Peace

In Nottingham, City Council enforcement teams have merged under the one service ‘Community Protection’.  Senior Community Protection Officer Wayne Hobbs manages a team of 10 Community Protection Officers and there are similar functions across the entire conurbation – in all  a 100 strong team covering the City. He gives us an insight into the work of these officers in keeping  these communities peaceful – especially where there is a high density of lively students. My […]