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Ten tips for cultivating quiet in the garden

Now is the time for getting to grips with the garden. Pottering in the garden can be peaceful, but power tools used for mowing, blowing and chopping can blight your whole neighbourhood with noise. Whether you have a small city space, a suburban garden or an allotment, if you’re pulling out the power tools ready for a session this week, remember gardens don’t have walls and your neighbours will hear what you’re doing. While power […]


Five noise books for a quiet bank holiday read

Noise  – Read all about it With a long Bank Holiday weekend ahead what better than a quiet read? Over the last few years a wealth of books have been published on aspects of noise and sound.  Sound is important in everything we do – we need it for information, enjoy (or are sometimes annoyed by) natural sounds like the waves and birdsong, and it is an essential part of entertainment and fun. However, the […]