A Big Shout for Noise Action Week Supporters

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Elmbridge BC and Elmbridge Housing Trust have a quiet word photo courtesy DannyK32

In England alone local authorities receive over 1000 complaints a day about noise. Many more people complain to landlords or housing providers, direct to neighbours or to the police (the police have no duty to act on noise). There are many who suffer in silence and don’t complain – whether out of politeness, fear of intimidation, perception that complaining will impact on property value or simply because they don’t know where to go for help.

This week local authorities, housing providers and other partners concerned with managing noise are giving out sound advice. They are encouraging anyone irritated by noise not to keep quiet – and to either talk to neighbours or, for serious and persistent problems, get professional help to reduce disturbing din.

Howard Price, Principal Policy Officer at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, who are supporting Noise Action Week  said:

“Numbers of public noise complaints to local authorities continue to run at near-record rates; it`s essential that every local authority maintains the expertise and capacity to respond to them effectively.”

Noise Action Week is an opportunity for those working daily to diminish the impact of noise to make themselves heard and promote solutions to noise problems. Conversation, consideration, mediation and, if these fail, legislation can all help prevent and reduce noise.

Prof. Bridget Shield, President of the Institute of Acoustics said:
“The Institute of Acoustics is pleased to support Noise Action Week. We welcome EPUK’s work in highlighting the extent of noise problems in the community, which many of our acoustic consultant members work hard to investigate and solve.”

Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK, a voluntary organisation co-ordinated by and for professionals in pollution control.

This year we are grateful to financial support from professionals in noise control and management: Defra, the Institute of Acoustics, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – Bath and NE Somerset Council –  Brighton and Hove City Council – Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset & Wiltshire Env. Protection Group – East Staffs Council – East Riding Council – Elmbridge Council – Forest of Dean DC – North Somerset Council – Swindon Council


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