A Short Film About Noise

This short film about noise was produced by Environmental Protection UK (formerly NSCA) for Noise Action Week 2005. It follows a  night in the life of David, whose suffers from noise from his upstairs neighbours. It illustrates the impact noise can have on us phsycologically as we can’t close our ears to it and shows a range of outcomes of complaining to the noisy neighbours and what happens when the environmental health officers are called in.

Copyright ©The Spot Agency / George Ravenscroft (all rights reserved) 2005


David – Paul Fuller
Twins – Alex Robins, Charles Robins, Rachel Pen, Ruby Butler-Bowdon
Dancers – Janelle Saebo, Pam Phillips, Vicki Lowin, Colin Tenn, Gordon Saebo, Nick Smith
Mr Jigsaw – Jeremy Tweed
Mr Chainsaw – Paris Totty
Elderly Neighbour – Joan Sparrow
Big Neighbour – Andy Costello
Female Noise Officer – Peta Taylor
Male Noise Officer – James Kavaz
Additional Voices – James Stringfellow
Lighting Cameraman – Nic Small
Sound Recordist – Brian Powell
Art Director – George Ravenscroft
Set Builder – Toby Jarvis
Set Decorators – Toby Jarvis, Jude Martin
Electrician – Kevin Pope
Props – Ruby Butler-Bowdon, Toby Jarvis
Costumes – Ruby Butler-Bowdon
Hair and Makeup – Amy Moorcroft
Music and Sound Design – Matthew Bonham
Casting – George Ravenscroft, Ruby Butler-Bowdon
Editor – George Ravenscroft
Assistant Producer – Ruby Butler-Bowdon
Producer – George Ravenscroft
Written and Directed by – George Ravenscroft