Live tweeting helps quiet study

Its exam time and students of all ages and stages are studying for exams. It ‘s also the time of year that windows (weather permitting) start to open, and outdoor noise increases.

Noise disrupts concentration on studies (or work) and causes annoyance and friction with family, house mates and colleagues. While avoiding the noise is the best solution – it isn’t always possible. House mates or family will want to chat, watch TV or play music. In busy offices, conversations and phone calls can distract. From the outside, street sounds, traffic, roadworks, lawnmowers – all can drive us nuts when we are trying to get absorb facts , sort out a spreadsheet or come up with a crafty sentence.

The BBC recently reported the work of the Sound Agency –  according to whom we find birdsong reassuring, calming and an aid to concentration. So, if you are lucky enough to have windows that when open let in live birds tweeting – it should help. If not, recordings of birdsong played through headphones (not too loud) might be the answer.

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