Reducing noise annoyance around pavement pubs, bars and restaurants

With hospitality venues allowed to host larger groups of people as lockdown restrcictions ease – we’ve produced a quick guide for venues and reminder to customers to help avoid causing noise problems for nearby neighbours – who may be at home resting, working or isolating.

Planning guidelines have been relaxed for now, allowing premise to use outside spaces for seating and maintain social distancing. This is keeping customers safe, reducing risk of transmission of covid 19.

For business:

  • Talk to nearby neighbours and any resident association if it is likely noise will increase as a result of outdoor seating.
  • Keep tables and chairs away from boundaries with homes, and where possible leave these clear for access.
  • If background noise levels are high, its likely customers and staff will move closer to hear – reducing social distancing – so keep noise levels down.
  • Restrict any music outside to a quiet background soundtrack and resist the temptation to turn it up.
  • Don’t provide live amplified music in external areas near neighbouring homes.
  • Have a procedure in place for taking action if you receive any noise complaints.

For customers:

  • If waiting outside a venue near people’s homes, keep voices down
  • Similarly, when leaving venues, avoid gathering outside people’s homes and talking loudly, especially later at night….
  • and enjoy time out with friends and family , without disturbing neighbours nearby

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