Public and private services tackling neighbour noise

Noise Campaigner John Stewart, Chair of the UK Noise Association, offers an opinion on the services currently available to the public when it comes to resolving noise problems.

If all local authorities were as good as the best, then far fewer people would be left with a neighbour noise problem.  The value of Noise Action Week is that it showcases best practice.

That best practice also includes the best of the private sector.  Organisations like Noisedirect, the noise arm of Sanctum Consultants, have achieved impressive results for noise sufferers through making full use of the legislation available. Some of the noise legislation could be more rigorous but, too often, it is failure to make full use of available laws that is the bigger problem. Noisedirect, as a private sector firm, must of necessity focus on outcomes. Unless they get results on behalf of their clients, they will go out of business. All public sector bodies need to be equally outcome-focused and client centered to give noise sufferers the service they deserve.

Mediation can be part of the service too,  but the best local authorities know that it can have its limitations.  Mediation can’t be expected to deal with the really intractable noise problems – which is where enforcement of legislation comes in.

Noise Action Week can assist those suffering neighbour noise problems by highlighting what can be achieved by the best organisations in both the public and private sectors, raising the profile of the extent of the problem and encouraging exemplary service from all sectors.

John Stewart – UK Noise Association

Outline of noise law here



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