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Neighbourhoods braced for post exam parties

Neighbourhoods around the country in university and college areas are relishing quiet time while students – from school kids to undergraduates – study for exams. However, anyone who lives near student housing knows that the peace could soon be shattered. Once exams are over its rightly time to relax – however noisy all night parties aren’t generally welcomed by neighbours – who may have young children, teenagers still studying, older people or those with health […]


Planning an Event? Why You Need to Keep the Noise Down

When planning outdoor events in the summer its crucial to consider noise – to protect health of workers and keep the peace with neighbours. Here are some tips on avoiding noise problems from professional event planners. Summer is fast approaching and the outdoor events season is gearing up. If you’re involved in planning an event, it’s crucial to ensure noise isn’t so loud that it’s a potential threat to the hearing of those working at […]


Bikers encouraged to Ride Quiet

Motor cycles often cause anti social noise problems – especially when exhausts are tampered with to achieve powerful sounding noise. The International  Motorcycle Federation is recognising the need for motor cycle sport enthusiasts to keep the noise down and avoid annoyance to neighbours. They have produced a Ride Quiet campaign and are encouraging their networks to promote quieter riding, saying: “Very often, the sound produced by motorcycle activities can become a nuisance to people living […]


Noise and hidden hearing loss

Even moderate levels of noise (similar to a busy street) may damage hearing. Tracey Pollard is Research Programme Manager in the Biomedical research Team at UK charity Action on Hearing Loss. She tells us about ‘hidden hearing loss’ and some of the research Action on Hearing Loss is funding into noise-induced hearing loss. Hidden hearing loss Exposure to very loud sounds (such as a chainsaw) can permanently damage your hearing and cause significant hearing loss. […]


Want happier and healthier neighbourhoods?

Noise Action Week 19th – 20th May 2014 – is here to help Noise is never out of the news for long – whether it’s Brian May’s bother with Kensington basement builders or suburban dog owners being fined for neglecting barking pets. The evidence against noise is clear – last year housing think tank Hact1 found noise has a greater impact on people’s happiness than vandalism or condensation. A recent report on environmental groups2 found […]


International Noise Awareness Day – 100 years of amplified music

Today is International Noise Awareness Day – an event conceived 19 years ago, to combat the impact of noise on hearing and health. The evidence for the impact of noise on health continues to accumulate – not just on hearing but on other aspects of our health and well being. Hearing damage is the most noticeable impact of noise on health, and our increasing ability to create and expose ourselves to loud noise – and […]


Overheating vs noise – the new homes challenge

With regulation requiring better sealed, thermally efficient building envelopes, many new homes are prone to overheating – and for buildings near roads and rail opening windows means exposure to noise.  Hoare Lea & Partners, a leading consulting engineering firm in the design of new homes is currently undertaking a study into the relationship between overheating and noise. During Noise Action Week they will be assessing acceptable noise levels in homes.  Acoustic engineer Barry Jobling explains. […]


Noise and public health – why we need more action

Work to raise awareness of the public health and environmental impacts of noise has seen sporadic progress, and like air pollution, noise only comes to the wider attention of public and policy makers when it causes extreme problems. Noise Action Week gives an opportunity for everyone working to reduce the impact of noise to be heard. Last week we saw air pollution, often dubbed the silent killer, reveal itself. Saharan dust enhanced the visibility of […]


Preventing anti social and unhealthy noise

Press Release Noise Action Week 19th – 20th May 2014 The focus for Noise Action Week 2014 is noise and health and, following positive feedback from last years’ participants, Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) are encouraging all professionals concerned with reducing the impact of noise on health to take part.  EPUK  co-ordinate Noise Action Week – and Environmental Protection Scotland will be supporting activity to raise awareness of noise too. For local authority noise teams, social […]


Should environmental health officers be working to reduce neighbour noise?

Gareth Hooper, EHO and vice chair of the EPUK noise committee considers options for reducing neighbour noise problems. Noise nuisance continues to blight peoples’ lives, with statistics from the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH) revealing the significant majority of complaints to local authorities are about residential noise. A MORI report commissioned by Defra suggests 63% of people hear noise from their neighbours. There is a range of noises and a range of responses – […]