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decibel chart colourNoise Action Week 19th – 20th May 2014 – is here to help

Noise is never out of the news for long – whether it’s Brian May’s bother with Kensington basement builders or suburban dog owners being fined for neglecting barking pets.

The evidence against noise is clear – last year housing think tank Hact1 found noise has a greater impact on people’s happiness than vandalism or condensation.

A recent report on environmental groups2 found only 0.6% of their resource goes to tackling the local issues like noise, air and water pollution,and a Freedom of Information request found noise is the number one complaint to our councils, with over 200,000 complaints lodged3 in just 9 months of last year.

That represents quite a burden on council tax payers – so it’s in all our interests to reduce noise – prevention is a cost effective way to address noise problems.

During the week:

  • Elmbridge Council will be launching a noise app
  • Incommunities Housing and Bradford Council will be running local information points
  • Cheltenham Borough Homes will be providing information around estates
  • Ipswich Council are holding a fun day themed around noise

See our website for more activities and information on noise.

More: Mary Stevens, NAW co-ordinator
web:       Twitter: @NoiseActionWeek

Noise Action WeekTM is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK
NAW in Scotland:

“Only £5.7m or 0.6% of the total spend by the groups went towards air, noise and water pollution, even though the evidence suggests this is costing Britain more than £10bn a year in healthcare costs, and together receive more complaints than anything else.”


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