Use Noise Action Week to tackle noise complaints say DAERA Northern Ireland

The Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs say that activities during Noise Action Week are one of the best ways to tackle neighbour noise in Northern Ireland. They also recommend education, through the Noise Statistics Report, and the general work of district councils, to be appropriate ways of preventing noise issues. This advice is offered with publication of noise complaint statistics showing complaints in Northern Ireland rose by 13% last year.

Noise Complaint Statistics for Northern Ireland 2016-2017, covering 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 recorded a total of 12,105 complaints received in 2016/17 compared to 10,754 the previous year. The report finds that domestic noise remains the largest cause of noise complaints across the province, with 80% of noise complaints relating to noise from domestic premises. Of these complaints, 43% relate to loud music, televisions and parties, and 37% to animal noise.

The department says that the 13% rise in complaints does not necessarily equate to worsening noise pollution. It may be due to individuals becoming more susceptible to noise, or more aware of who they should complain to when they experience noise problems.

The report finds the second largest contributor to noise complaints to be commercial and leisure premises with noise from entertainment premises accounting for just under half (48%) of the complaints in this category, and noise in the street represented 4% of noise complaints.

We encourage councils and any other services in Northern Ireland concerned about noise to use Noise Action Week to focus attention on  reducing the health impacts of noise. This could be by:

  • highlighting sources of complaint in local press and radio
  • Talking to people in areas where there is a high level of complaints
  • Updating and promoting online advice

More suggestions for activity during Noise Action Week are on our website.

During Noise Action Week we are also focusing on promoting healthy relationships between entertainment venues and neighbours http://www.noiseactionweek.org.uk/music-venues-noise-neighbours – so the week is also an opportunity to promote peaceful coexistence while maintaining vibrant communities.

Figures on the numbers of complaints which have been provided to it by the district councils are used to collate the report – Download the Noise Complaint Statistics for Northern Ireland 2016-2017.

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