Turn it down for Noise Action Week

Noise Action Week 2017 – 22 – 27 May

Turn it down for Noise Action Week

With recent research showing that loud music and TV are our most complained about noises, the annual Noise Action Week co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK1 remains as relevant as ever.

Noise Action Week2 aims to raise awareness of the impacts of noise in neighbourhoods, the simple solutions to noise pollution and services available to help manage noise problems. Local authority noise teams, housing providers, mediation and community services are all encouraged to take part in promoting peace and harmony in neighbourhoods.

Where ever we live, noise can be a problem – and the number of noise complaints are one of the indicators of public health used by Public Health England3 to gauge the health and well-being of the population. Another recent survey of local authorities4 showed the level of noise complaints across England and Wales remains steady – with loud music and TV most complained about (and simplest to remedy).

In addition, noise exposure is increasingly linked to hearing damage. Sleep and rest disrupted by noise can also contribute to health problems ranging from stress to heart disease.

To tackle the health and social impacts of noise, we’re asking everyone to consider their neighbours and turn it down during Noise Action Week.

We have lots of information on reducing noise at home, and how to manage problem noise on our website. Our noise blog looks at topical issues including reducing DIY and garden noise.

For more information on Noise Action Week contact:


Mary Stevens, Noise Action Week co-ordinator

Notes for editors

  1. Environmental Protection UK is a national charity that provides expert policy analysis and information on air quality, land quality and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate.
  2. Noise Action Week – http://www.noiseactionweek.org.uk @NoiseActionWeek
  3. Public Health Outcomes Framework – wider determinants of health – http://www.phoutcomes.info/public-health-outcomes-framework#page/3/gid/1000041/pat/6/par/E12000002/ati/102/are/E06000008/iid/11401/age/1/sex/4
  4. 2017 Nuisance Noise Survey, Lovemyvouchers
  5. For every organisation taking part in Noise Action Week we are providing 100 Neighbour Noise Leaflets, advising on what to do for anyone with a noise problem.




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